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When you feel the need for a professional elder care service for your loved one, you start the journey by finding the best home care service provider. AdvantAGE Seniors provides the senior care you need for your loved ones.

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Home Care elder care services in bangalore

Home Care

When you felt the need for a professional care giver for your loved one, you start the journey by finding the best home care service provider. Elder care services are a growing part of the healthcare market. It seems everywhere you turn these days new elder care services providers are sprouting.

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Coma Care elder care services in bangalore

Coma Care

Years in the long term elder care industry, advantAGE seniors is concerned with the care of coma patients in our community. We believe and advocate that the comatose person also deserve the same care and attention as any other patient.

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Assisted Care Facility elder care services in bangalore

Assisted Care Facility

Are you looking for a place to keep your loved one?

Home is the first and the best option for the elders and we call it "ageing in place"! However, many a time, home fails to extend the support systems needed for adequate elder care giving during infirmity.

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What Do They Say?

The people that have experienced our services have written a thing or two about our services which indicates that we are indeed the best elder care service provider in Bengaluru.

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  • This place has been a God send for my Grandma. She cared for us and our kids when she was younger and unfortunately for us we cannot physically be there to care for her these gold years. Advantage seniors has taken it to another level and taken over our job with a smile. Many of us have visited her and noticed how well she is cared for. God bless all those souls who care for our seniors with love, affection and compassion.

    Janaki Shukla Janaki Shukla

  • The Advantage seniors facility is like a rare gem. Having visited multiple places, nothing came even close to this place in terms of cleanliness, good food, selfless service, a hands on competent team and the fact that they really care for the patients. I am eternally grateful to Soumya and her team for taking care of my aunt and granny in the best way. It is also the only care facility of its kind that I found to be transparent in their day to day operations and extend su...

    Aarathi Ramnath Aarathi Ramnath

  • My mother in law was bed ridden and was in bad condition initially. After we admitted her in advantage seniors she has undergone great changes and is completely fine now. Personalized care, home cooked food, and attention given by all care takers and staff makes her feel like home. Cleaniness and hygiene is impeccable. Dr.Soumya, Ms.Swetha & staff nurses are doing a great service for all. Thank them from my heart.

    Rashmi Bhatia Rashmi Bhatia

  • I am so thankful to the entire team of the facility. They really take good care of my in-laws making the place very homely with lot of patience and kindness. The accommodation is very clean and pleasant. All the services including nursing, housekeeping, food are good. Best part is our parent in-laws are so safe, secured and happy.

    Neeraja Kodavana Neeraja Kodavana

  • Advantage seniors took care of both of my parents at the end of their lives. We had their care givers in our home for 5 years. Not once did we have a bad experience with a caregiver. The level of care and the compassion and caring spirit of the owners, managers, and the wonderful caregivers was incredible. Kudos! I can only hope to be so lucky.

    Rajeshwari Prasad Rajeshwari Prasad

  • This place truly keeps up to it's name 'Advantage'. My mother who is diagnosed with Parkinson's and other age related problems is being well taken care of. She is very happy, loves the food that is served, usually it is the food that is always complained, so this speaks for it. Nursing care and cleanliness is upto the mark. Great endeavour by Sowmya, the very fact my mother considers Sowmya as one of her daughters speaks volumes for itself. Please contiune the noble job...

    Vanamala Ramesh Vanamala Ramesh

  • One of the best center for taking care of old aged/deceased patients/citizens. The facility is almost like a very clean hotel. I never found this kind of nice facility/treatment for aged/deceased people anywhere in and around Mangalore/Bangalore. Hats off to Roshan Jacob Sir and Soumya Madam. They are the role models in this type selfless service

    Dinesh Bhatt Dinesh Bhatt

  • I had admitted my paternal uncle last year in July. The nursing staff took good care of him during his stay there. The place is "spic & span". Kudos to Ms Soumya Laxmi for managing her team in a professional manner. Ms Soumya is the "soul & heart" of this initiative. Any issues raised by me was immediately attended to by her. She takes an empathetic outlook regarding the work that she does & tries to mentor her team members accordingly.

    RK Rao RK Rao

  • "My recommendation is based on my assessment of Advantage on five key attributes important to families of residents - 1. CAPABILITY: They provide the best care possible in the circusmtances, constantly guiding the family to determine the best course of action depending on the situation. As experts in the field of gerontology, they are passionate about what they do, and are well connected to specialists and hospitals when the need arises. 2. PASSION & COMPASSION: Out of ...

    Manju Prabhu Manju Prabhu

  • "My bedridden mother who is a Dementia patient & also suffering from Parkinson’s disease is being looked after by advantAGE Seniors at their care home. I have liked the following 1. Patient hygiene & overall cleanliness of the entire facility. 2. Management style; the staff are positively engaged in what they are doing. 3. Food quality & the eatables/drinks timetable they follow for patients. 4. Ms.Soumya, Mr.Roshan & their team are a group of compassionate people. S...

    Seshagiri Bk Seshagiri Bk

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Case Studies

We have had the previlege to serve so many seniors in our last 15 years of career. In these years we have accumilated some of the case studies we have come across in our elder care service.


Shivasubramoniam 76, was a former Indian Cricketer who played many test matches in yester years, is today a bundle of bones torn apart by a dreaded disease and helplessness. Money was never a problem, since the companies he set up are all running well. All the children, three boys and a daughter are all settled in Chicago.

“What is the use of money and children. I’m blessed with both but is of no use. I live the life of a destitute”. Suri laments. “You end up losing everything you have worked for, plus your self-respect,” the words portraying the many facets of old age in this country.


Oh God, wish it was unseen!!!

I was accompanied by our nurse manager to visit Mr. Patwardhan following a telephone call from his daughter Ms. Rekha. Her need was to dress up her father’s pressure sores.


Two years ago, former dancer Sheila Ramanujam faced the toughest situation of her life. After a heart-to-heart talk with her doctor, she came to the reality that at the age of 76 she’ll have to care for her 48 year old son Shiva who came from US diagnosed with MND and ailing.

In the early 80’s, Shivaramakrishnan, a former IIT Kharagpur student went to US to pursue higher studies and then decided to settle in Silicon valley. Everything in life till 42, seems to have worked out as he planned including his marriage to his classmate of North Carolina University and bringing up the 3 girl children.

Our Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our client’s protected health information and are committed to maintaining our client’s confidentiality. This notice applies to all information and records related to our clients that our facility has received or created. It extends to information received or created by our employees, staff, volunteers and physicians. This notice informs you about the possible uses and disclosures of your protected health information. We understand your rights and our obligations regarding our clients protected health information. Protected health information is any information that is created or received by a health care provider that either identifies the resident, or could reasonably be used to identify the resident, that relates to the physical or mental condition of the resident, the provision of health care to the resident or the payment for that health care.

This privacy policy applies to all our customers whose personal data is collected and processed by advantAGE seniors. advantAGE seniors values your custom and knows how important protecting your privacy is to you. That is why we never sell, rent or give any of your personal details to anyone else for marketing purposes. We will only collect and process your personal data when we have lawful bases for doing so. We have described uses and disclosures below and provide examples of the types of uses and disclosures we may make in each of these categories.

For Treatment, we will use and disclose your protected health information in providing you with treatment and services. We may disclose your protected health information to facility and non-facility personnel, who may be involved in your care, such as physicians, nurses, nurse aides, and therapists. For example, a nurse caring for you will report any change in your condition to your physician. We may also disclose protected health information to individuals who will be involved in your care even after you leave our facility because it is vital to to continue the care and treatment.

For Payment, we may use and disclose your protected health information so that we can bill and receive payment for the treatment and services you receive at our facility. For billing and payment purposes, we may disclose your protected health information only to the designated family member who is responsible for payments.

Some things that should go without saying evidently need to be reinforced. We make sure our skilled nursing home has a written policy prohibiting staff from taking or using photos or recordings in any way that would demean or humiliate a resident and subject them to mental abuse. We never use any photograph of our clients for promotional purposes like social media and digital marketing. Visitors unrelated to the clients are also barred from interacting with the inmates to protect the privacy.

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