Caregiver Counselling

Caregivers are individuals who assume the responsibility of caring for those with chronic health conditions, ranging from shorter periods to a couple of years. While many chronic health conditions require round-the-clock attention and care, both the care recipients and caregivers often lack sufficient information and knowledge about the diseases and caregiving aspects. This is why we prioritise caregiver counselling at advantAGE seniors.

A caregiver for someone with chronic health issues can be anyone, whether hired or a close relative. This could include a spouse, adult children, extended family members, or friends. They might provide direct care daily as the primary caregiver or offer occasional assistance to the main caregiver as a secondary caregiver, regardless of the level of care they provide. Both primary and secondary caregivers play crucial roles in creating a supportive environment for individuals with chronic health issues to recuperate or improve their functionality.

Unlike the experienced and qualified caregivers (nurses),Primary caregivers often find themselves new to the role of caregiving. Understanding and coping with the unpredictable moods, thoughts, and behaviours of individuals with serious medical or mental health issues can be bewildering. Caregivers may witness erratic actions, neglect of self-care, self-harming behaviours, or even experience aggression from the very individuals they deeply care for, which can be traumatic. It’s challenging to accept that someone you love is experiencing pain, discomfort, and mental anguish while feeling helpless in alleviating it. Frequently, caregivers attempt to persuade or correct their loved one’s behaviour, leading to conflicts within relationships. However, attempts at reasoning, coaxing, or even threats may prove ineffective, and relationships can rapidly deteriorate without seeking outside assistance.

Providing care for a loved one with chronic conditions, especially mental health issues, can pose significant challenges, particularly when caregivers lack the necessary skills and support network. Our caregiver counselling services aim to offer the essential support and relevant knowledge required for such a demanding role.

Caring for someone with a mental health issue can often feel overwhelming and distressing. Emotions are multifaceted and differ from one individual to another. It’s crucial for caregivers to acknowledge their own feelings and comprehend the reasons behind them, as emotions significantly influence decision-making and behaviour. Engaging in discussions with a counsellor about emotions that may be considered unacceptable, such as grief, anger, resentment, and shame, can aid in addressing underlying issues. Through counselling sessions, caregivers can gain a better understanding of themselves and gain a broader perspective on issues, thereby enhancing their resilience in managing setbacks.

advantAGE offers support to help you comprehend various disorder symptoms and effective management strategies. You’ll gain insight into the recovery process and acquire skills to mend relationships and reconnect with loved ones. During difficult life events, expressing emotional turmoil through individual coaching sessions can be invaluable. Speaking with a counsellor or trained staff member allows for the release of toxic emotions, gaining new perspectives, and identifying steps toward improvement. advantAGE assists primary caregivers in better coping with their circumstances and recognising that challenging behaviours stem from the chronic health issue, not from their loved ones. Through advantAGE seniors counselling programme, we want to show you that there is hope. You do not have to feel so painfully lost and alone anymore.