Here we acknowledge with gratitude…

It’s essential to acknowledge late Dr. Nagaraj Shetty, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude for his unwavering support. A well- respected figure within the medical community in Karnataka, Dr. Shetty’s former students can attest to his exemplary work and dedication. We take pride in the fact that he served as our mentor, providing invaluable guidance as we navigated our path as social gerontology practitioners. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. DVR Sheshadri, (Formerly of IIMB), for generously offering his time and invaluable insights. He guided us through our formative years with unwavering support.

As with any journey, there were a few individuals who joined us at the outset, namely Manoj Sreedharan, Joji George, and the late Shaji Philip, whom we must acknowledge and express our gratitude towards. Additionally, we recognise the contributions and support of others such as Dr. Ninan Thomas Panicker (Urologist), Dr. Belliappa (Oncologist), Dr. Annamalai Pandian (Physician), Dr. V.L.Sateesh, Adv. N. Vijayan, CA. Philip Cherian, Molly Samuel, Sam Samuel, Alice Mathews and Anurag Patwari, each of whom played pivotal roles in our development and growth.

We extend our gratitude to several friends from around the world who have supported us over the years. Among them are Judy Parnes from New Jersey, Robyn Flipse from New Jersey, Ibby Tanner from Baltimore, Carolyn Gallogly from Long Island, Amy Cotton from Maine, Vanessa Burholt from New Zealand, Paul Nash from California, and Amanda Pehlan from Ireland. We are honored to have the backing of these social gerontology experts, who possess international experience and hail from esteemed institutions including John Hopkins, Rutgers, Swansea, and UC Davis, bringing invaluable expertise and knowledge to our cause.

The exceptional accomplishments of advantAGE seniors are not the result of individual efforts; rather, they are the product of collaborative teamwork involving multiple individuals. It was the dedication and exceptional service of our caregivers, whom we trained from the ground up, that propelled us to become a household name in Bangalore. These caregivers were characterised by their care, love, and compassion, qualities essential for this challenging profession.

Our experience has shown us that everyone involved, both within our facilities and outside, is driven by genuine compassion for infirm elders. This demanding profession demands a unique combination of qualities including patience, knowledge, sacrifice, and compassion, all of which our caregivers possess in abundance. We extend our deepest appreciation to our extensive team, past and present, consisting of caregivers, janitors, drivers, administrative staff, vendors, and rural coordinators. Their dedication and contributions have played a significant role in our growth and reputation as the premier elder care provider.

This acknowledgment would be incomplete without recognising our first therapy dog, late Jackie. We are deeply thankful for the comfort he brought to our souls with his wagging tail. Now, Lionel has stepped into Jackie’s role, and he approaches his job as a therapy dog with the same dedication. Through his close interactions with elders, Lionel has sparked numerous questions about eldercare, which we’ve compiled in a section called “Elder Care Illustrations,” aka Lionel’s world. A heartfelt thanks to him for his contributions.

Finally, this website design is the innovative creation of Praveen Raj (PROsmack), Krishna Prasad (Web Developer), Anand (Creative Director), Vignesh (Visualiser), Yuvaraj (Project Coordinator) and Ramesh (Digital Marketer) from Chennai. We express our appreciation to Raj and his team for delivering a truly outstanding website.