Skilled Nursing Facility

Patients with complex medical conditions necessitate specialised skilled nursing care tailored to their unique needs. Often, these individuals require intensive monitoring and multiple medical interventions over an extended recovery period, sometimes beyond what traditional hospitals can provide. In such instances, patients may be directed to a specialty skilled nursing centre like ours to continue their treatment regimens.

If you or someone you care about, has experienced a stroke, undergone surgery, or received extensive treatment for kidney, heart, or respiratory conditions, they may need rehabilitation at a skilled nursing community after leaving the hospital. Disabling or burdensome disorders—most commonly dementia, incontinence, and immobility—may trigger consideration of nursing home placement. advantAGE skilled nursing services can provide, including specialised therapies like physical and occupational therapy, medications, colostomy, IV therapy, O2 administration, Bipap therapy, Incontinence care and social services, all aimed at assisting your loved one in achieving recovery. In short, services focus more on medical care than most assisted living care.

Our team of proficient medical experts is adept at addressing the distinctive treatment requirements of medically complex patients. We collaborate closely with patients to manage their medication, pain, nutrition, hygiene, and overall care needs throughout their stay. Additionally, we offer telemetry monitoring, an onsite laboratory for testing requirements.

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Our levels of care include:

Specialised feeding

Injury and fall prevention

Joint replacement recovery

Pet therapy

MIV therapy

O2 administration

Nasal/PEG feeding

Stoma care

Pain management

Bed sore prevention

Wound dressing

Nutrition and hydration programs

Restorative nursing

Stroke rehabilitation and recovery

Increased mobility

Guidance from international experts

Arrange for professional services such as dental, vision, podiatry, audiology, psychosocial and psychiatric evaluation, arrange transportation to and from appointments, etc.