Discover What Sets Us Apart

Selecting the ideal care home can feel overwhelming for you and your loved ones. Nowadays, there are numerous facilities in and around Bangalore. We recommend visiting a few after narrowing down your choices. At advantAGE Seniors, our compassionate and skilled team is readily available to provide assistance. Whether it’s coma, assisted, nursing, or dementia care, expect the highest standards.

Typically, people don’t contemplate “care” until it becomes necessary. When the need arises to consider care homes for a loved one, it’s a challenging and unfamiliar time for the whole family. Many are left feeling confused about what to seek, where to find it, and how to proceed. Our website, packed with a wealth of information, serves as the ideal source for guidance. Thoroughly exploring our website will reveal a wealth of information that you won’t find elsewhere; it truly makes a difference.

The uncertainty of what lies ahead is often the primary barrier people face, encompassing various concerns from differing opinions to financial matters and clinical conditions. Unknown situations naturally breed apprehension, which is something we commonly encounter. At advantAGE Seniors, we collaborate with you to ease these worries, providing constant updates and information to ensure you have the support and assistance necessary to navigate life’s changes. Our friendly and caring ethos is a source of immense pride, and we strive to deliver it to every family and patient we welcome through our doors.

We endeavour to uphold the dignity, individuality, and privacy of each patient in a nurturing and welcoming environment. Care, love, and compassion are our steadfast commitments. In this pursuit, we remain attuned to the evolving needs inherent in delivering top-tier care. The comforting atmosphere upon entering advantAGE evokes a genuine “home away from home” sentiment.

With more than twenty years of experience as a pioneer and leader in the caregiving industry, we understand that it’s people who truly make a house a home—not belongings, not tasks, not routines, but people. That’s why at advantAGE Seniors, we go beyond mere caregiving duties. Here, care is humane and personal. Whether it’s for individuals dealing with age-related challenges, degenerative disorders, chronic ailments, or temporary mobility issues, you can rely on our team of highly qualified and experienced gerontology professionals. Discover below what sets us apart…

Owned and managed by Social Gerontology Practitioners

advantAGE Seniors is owned and operated by active social gerontologists, a factor that significantly influences our care delivery. We receive support and guidance from an international team of social gerontology professionals, enabling us to adhere to global standards in hygiene practices and care delivery.

International Experts

We are privileged to be supported by a diverse team of social gerontology experts (academics)with international experience. Hailing from esteemed institutions such as John Hopkins, Rutgers, Swansea, and UC Davis, these experts have visited our facility and endorsed our care standards and hygiene protocols. Given the relatively nascent status of social gerontology as a discipline in India, this collaboration significantly enhances our practice in social gerontology.

Emphasis on preventive healthcare

We strongly believe that maintaining health and well-being in later life largely relies on preventive care measures. The essence of preventive care lies in nurturing both our physical and mental wellbeing to ensure optimal functionality. It’s essential for identifying any underlying health issues early on to prevent them from worsening or to avoid new ailments altogether. While we may not always be able to cure chronic conditions, our focus is on preventing or slowing their progression. Our primary prevention strategy encompasses fall prevention, engagement in mental activities, promotion of physical activity, provision of healthy diets, personal hygiene and infection prevention practices, and regular monitoring of vital signs.

Upholds Privacy

We prioritise patient privacy above all else. We refrain from using any patient photos for publicity purposes, and we strictly prohibit any photography or videography within our facility. Additionally, we decline requests from prospective customers for facility photos, encouraging them instead to schedule a personal visit. Furthermore, we ensure that no medical records are shared with anyone other than the primary caregiver, safeguarding patient confidentiality at all times.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene holds significance for all individuals, yet it assumes heightened importance for the elderly. Due to decreased resilience to infection, seniors’ immune systems are more susceptible to diseases in environments with inadequate personal hygiene, posing significant risks, potentially leading to severe consequences. Residents’ clothing will undergo regular washing, while bedding will be changed and laundered every other day to maintain freshness. To prevent cross contamination, bedding, towels, and linen will be sorted into distinct categories. Hence, prioritising personal hygiene is paramount for advantAGE seniors.

Clean Premises

In addition to maintaining personal hygiene, we also prioritise the cleanliness of our premises. We allocate ample staff to housekeeping to ensure meticulous cleanliness, leaving no room for even a speck of dust. Daily routines include washing dishes, dusting and cleaning furniture, and mopping floors twice using phenol for thorough disinfection. Additionally, we conduct deep cleaning and fumigation weekly to uphold our standards of hygiene.

Stringent Staff hygiene

In our care home, staff uphold stringent hygiene standards. They frequently wash their hands, especially after interacting with residents, handling medication, or preparing food, to minimise germ transmission and comply with infection control protocols. All medical equipment undergoes thorough sterilisation, preferably procured pre-sterilised. Catering personnel must don protective attire like aprons, gloves, and hairnets during food preparation and service. They diligently maintain cleanliness and sanitation in kitchen areas, food preparation zones, and dining spaces, ensuring proper food storage procedures.

Visitor Hygiene Practices

Visitor hygiene is equally prioritised to prevent the introduction of germs into the care home. Family members and friends visiting their relatives are encouraged to practice regular handwashing throughout their visit. With heightened risks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, personal hygiene in our care home is under increased scrutiny. We insist visitors to utilise hand sanitisers, wear face masks while inside the premises, and adhere to social distancing guidelines during interactions with patients.

Emphasis on personal-centred care

Our team advocates for and delivers person-centered care, starting with a thorough assessment of individual needs. From there, we craft a customised care plan tailored to each person. Throughout all our efforts, one thing remains evident: our unwavering passion for the care we offer and the individuals we serve.

Social Enterprise not a business

We don’t see ourselves as just running a business; rather, we take pride in operating as a social enterprise. What sets us apart is our motive: we’re not solely focused on making profits. While financial sustainability is crucial, it’s not our main driving force. Our passion and sense of purpose propel us forward in this endeavour. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our previous clients or read the testimonials they’ve shared about their experiences with us.

Knowing your uniqueness

Our approach to care is crafted to grasp every aspect of your uniqueness – your preferences, aversions, aspirations, and the necessary support required to realise those aspirations. Our committed Facility Manager/Care Manager utilises this insight to create a personalised care plan and carefully assemble a care team perfectly suited to your needs.

Round the clock availability and care

We’re available for our clients round the clock, 24 hours a day. We firmly believe that excellent service should be responsive, recognising that the need for support extends beyond regular business hours. You can trust that we’re prepared and capable of assisting you during emergencies that cannot wait until the next day.

Value for Money

You’re receiving exceptional value for your money. Let’s compare: Your monthly payment covers caregiver charges, all meals including snacks and special occasion menus, fruits, laundry, housekeeping, cable, newspaper, and internet. Procedure charges are waived, and we don’t require any deposits. Our admission fee is a minimal 10,000/-, and the yearly maintenance fee is just 30,000/-. You also have the option to provide your own consumables and medicines, but if we supply them, we’ll bill you at cost.

Quality combined with affordability.

Over the years, you’ve likely been cautious in your purchasing decisions, weighing affordability against achieving maximum life satisfaction. Opting to “stay at home” involves expenses like caregiver costs, ongoing mortgage payments, property taxes, home maintenance, personal care supplies, groceries, housekeeping, laundry, and more. However, at advantAGE Assisted Living, your monthly payment is determined by your care level, and aside from medications and consumables, everything else is covered.

Choices are respected

Aging gracefully involves enjoying the activities we cherish for as long as we can. We believe that at advanced ages, having the freedom to make choices is crucial. We respect our patients’ and their families’ preferences and strive not to interfere unless it causes disturbance to our facility or other patients. For instance, if someone is accustomed to having a drink or smoking occasionally, we won’t object. While we typically prepare only vegetarian meals in our kitchen, if someone requests non-vegetarian food, we’ll arrange for it through food delivery apps. Similarly, as long as it doesn’t disrupt others, individuals are permitted to watch TV for as long as they like.

Preventable Hospitalisations

Potentially preventable hospitalisations refer to instances where individuals are admitted to a hospital for certain acute illnesses (e.g., dehydration), exacerbations of chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes), or secondary infections (resulting from unhygienic conditions), which might not have necessitated hospitalisation if managed effectively. While we acknowledge that not all hospitalisations can be avoided, our evidence-based practices over the past two decades suggest that quality care can indeed reduce the need for hospitalisation. Repeated or prolonged hospitalisations, particularly among older patients, may lead to negative health outcomes such as decreased functional ability, diminished quality of life, increased frailty, and substantial financial costs.

Follows Culture Change

We adhere to intentional practice of ‘cultural change’, stemming from the US movement aimed at transforming older adult services. This approach prioritises person-directed values and practices, valuing the voices of elders and those who support them, with core values including choice, dignity, respect, self-determination, and purposeful living.

Within advantAGE, culture change entails fostering meaningful relationships and services, ensuring caregivers truly comprehend the individuals they support, enabling them to uphold a purposeful life and sense of belonging regardless of their location. At the core of this philosophy, we have established a living environment that prioritises enhanced privacy, comfort, and personalization. Ultimately, the aim of cultural change in long-term care is to elevate residents’ quality of life by transforming facilities from mere institutions into vibrant, home-like environment.

Compassionate Caregivers with unlimited patience

In addition to all the aforementioned elements, our compassionate caregivers are the cornerstone of our care home. Despite facing challenges such as being scolded by patients, they persist with smiles on their faces. They patiently coax stubborn patients and exhibit boundless patience in their care. Going beyond the call of duty, they consistently strive to please and nurture residents, exemplifying the proverbial, ‘going the extra mile’. These caregivers are ‘True Angels’ on earth, handling the daily challenges of dealing with irrational, stubborn, and often ungrateful seniors with grace and compassion, despite not having literal wings.