Letter from the CEO

In the present world, majority of seniors can expect to live decades past retirement age. Human history is seeing an unprecedented demographic shift as the number of older adults will more than double to an estimated 1.6 billion by mid-century. While the addition of approximately 20 years to the average lifespan is cause for celebration, it has not been as effective in extending the span of healthy living. On average, individuals can expect to spend around ten more years in moderate or poor health, which can limit their ability to fully engage in life and result in increased care needs and dependency.

Undoubtedly, these challenges are both real and profound. However, advantAGE seniors holds the belief that this demographic shift is often portrayed in a negative light, overlooking the opportunities that arise as society evolves. Our analysis acknowledges the reality that many individuals will live two to three decades beyond retirement age, affording them the chance to continue learning new skills at 60 and even remain employed at 70. This perspective is emphasised in our pre-retirement sessions and community engagements as social gerontologists. Rather than focusing solely on age, society should prioritise individuals’ capacities, recognising the potential for many to contribute as volunteers, advisors, community leaders, workers, active family members, and innovators.

While ‘Ageing in place’ is often the preference of elders, we acknowledge the practical considerations surrounding this choice. Providing care within the home allows elderly individuals to remain in familiar surroundings, avoiding the need for relocation to a care facility. Yet, shifting family dynamics mean not every family can effectively manage the care of their elderly loved ones without external support. Consequently, we often witness a lack of appropriate care due to the limited knowledge and time constraints of primary caregivers. Our perspective is rooted in the notion of ‘stay put’ for as long as one can independently manage their health.

However, when health declines and dependency increases, transitioning to institutional care may offer a better quality of life.

As elderly individuals with chronic conditions require increasing professional assistance at home, family members may find it challenging to provide effective care. This can lead to family caregivers dedicating long hours to caregiving, resulting in sleep deprivation, stress, and potential health implications, ultimately leading to ‘compassion fatigue.’ When elderly loved ones require consistent, high-quality care to remain at home, seeking guidance from elder care professionals like advantAGE seniors can be beneficial. The following pages you’ll see our services.

Understanding our legacy and roots is crucial, elaborated upon in the section titled “Who We Are - Bygone Years,” hence I won’t reiterate it here. advantAGE Seniors has been dedicated to caring for older Indians for over two decades. We take pride in offering top-notch aged care and services, striving daily to ensure that our residents and clients live well and achieve their well-being objectives. Our support encompasses retirement living, assisted living, coma care, skilled nursing, home care, and respite care, all provided by our compassionate staff members.

Take a moment to peruse the testimonials from our satisfied clients. Over the past two decades, every accolade has come from the families of our patients, reflecting their high level of satisfaction. I encourage you to also review my profile, which will provide insight into who I am, my passions, and why I am dedicated to this field. For the first time in the country, we have a true hero devoted to elder care.

Upon entering our facility, you’ll be greeted by our therapist, Lionel, who ensures that each visitor receives a warm welcome. He insist getting a body rub from you which he deserves, as he participates in the care of your loved ones. Additionally, we’ve introduced a unique section called ‘Lionel World’ featuring elder care illustrations, where dialogues between Lionel and his ‘pet mom’ cover relevant topics. This may be the first of its kind in the world, and I extend my gratitude to one of the country’s finest cartoonists, Prakash Shetty, for bringing this visual delight to life.

We’ve also presented several case studies titled “Real Stories.” With our vast experience dealing with thousands of lives, we could share countless such narratives. These stories are not works of fiction; they are genuine accounts of real-life experiences. To protect privacy, names have been altered. Reading through these stories evokes a range of emotions and offers valuable insights. Is it essential to know someone’s story? Understanding the realities of aging can help us navigate potential challenges in our own later years. Simply being aware of what is happening around us can be instrumental in avoiding pitfalls as we age.

I won’t add much more. These elders once cared for you as a toddler, dedicating a lifetime to nurturing you. Now, in their twilight years, they need a hand to hold at every step. Afflicted with infirmity, their needs are greater than ever. We understand your schedules are busy, with competing priorities and children to care for. While we don’t expect you to provide hands-on care, it’s crucial not to neglect them either. Ensuring our loved ones can enjoy their golden years in comfort requires more than just essential support; it’s a gesture of love. We can certainly provide the love and care they deserve. That’s a promise I make to each of my patients.

At advantAGE seniors, we work tirelessly to ensure our patients receive attentive care and are actively involved in life!

- Sowmya Lakshmi Ottur