Getting Started

As you consider various care options, here are some useful tips to kickstart your evaluation process and essential questions to pose before making a decision.

Seek guidance and recommendations from impartial sources such as consultants, friends, family, or physicians whom you trust.

After compiling a list of care options, take some time to browse through their websites to gather more information about their services and offerings. Additionally, consider checking online reviews of the communities, bearing in mind that personal opinions can vary greatly, so it’s crucial to balance them with other information you’ve gathered.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, begin scheduling visits to your preferred facilities. During this process, pay attention to crucial details such as the manner in which staff members interact with you over the phone, the responsiveness to messages, and their level of knowledge and helpfulness.

Understanding the distinctions between various types of care can still make it challenging to determine the most suitable assisted living or skilled nursing facility for yourself or your loved one. In order to assist seniors, families, and caregivers in comparing different skilled nursing communities more effectively, we’ve developed a Five-Star Quality Rating System. This system assigns each facility a rating ranging from 1 to 5 Stars. A rating of 4 Stars and above indicates “much above average quality” care, while a 1-Star rating indicates “much below average quality.

Throughout advantAGE seniors 20 plus history, we’ve consistently achieved a 5 - star status.

Taking a tour? Note the following:

- What are your impressions of the place?

- Does it look and smell clean?

- Does the staff smile and greet residents by name?

- Do the residents seem well cared for and happy?

- Could you imagine your loved one living here?

- Could you imagine your loved one living here?

Are the people who run the facility knowledgeable, compassionate, and courteous? Some important questions to ask:

- Is there an entrance fee? If so, how much is it?

- What’s the monthly fee?

- What’s covered by the monthly fee? What’s not covered? (i.e., phone, internet, cable TV, laundry, special food, physical therapy )

- Do they charge anything extra for nursing procedures?

- How much input do residents, family members and your family doctor have regarding your loved one’s care?

- What’s their schedule for a typical day?

- Try the food. How is it?

- What’s the dining arrangement? Do residents eat in a dining room or in their rooms? Are they assisted for feeding?

- What’s the visitation policy? Are there set hours, or are visiting hours open?

- How much notice is given before discharge?

- What happens if there is a need for hospitalisation?

- What’s the staff-to-resident-ratio?

- Are they willing to answer your each query?

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