Age : 78

Yashodamma, now 78, finds herself dependent on her daughter-in-law’s mercy, which unfortunately seems nonexistent. Despite proudly raising two boys and two girls, her life took a downturn after her husband’s demise. Passed around among her children, she eventually landed with her eldest son, marking the beginning of a tumultuous relationship with Nooreen, her daughter-in-law. This friction stemmed from an inter-caste marriage, and the strained dynamics only intensified over time.

As Yashodamma’s health deteriorated, her son, deemed “spineless,” consistently sided with his wife, leaving her in a vulnerable position. The situation escalated into physical abuse, exacerbated by Yashodamma’s worsening health. A recent partial stroke has left her mostly bedridden, with basic necessities and care dictated by Nooreen. The abuse has taken a severe toll, with Nooreen going to cruel lengths such as hitting her mother-in-law and even withholding food and care. Unfortunately, cases like Yashodamma’s often go unnoticed, as elder abuse remains underreported and concealed within the confines of family walls. The community and relatives are often powerless to intervene, highlighting the challenging nature of addressing such hidden struggles within families.


Daughter-in-law displaying abusive behavior, Involves physical elder abuse. Other children feeling helpless to intervene.