Age : 84

Let me tell you about Rosalyn and her family. She’s 84, living alone in Bangalore after her husband passed away. Her two sons have their own homes, and her daughter lives in the US. The trouble is with her younger son’s wife, who is often rude and disrespectful. Even the grandsons don’t treat her well because of this. Her younger son and his family occupy the upper floor of ‘her’ house, while her elder son lives a couple of kilometers away with his family. Her only daughter is settled in the US. Despite her age, Rosalyn, proud of her Christian values, remains healthy and independent, managing her chores with the assistance of her maid servant.

However, her situation becomes complicated due to her younger daughter-in-law, who exhibits arrogance, disrespect, and rudeness consistently. This behaviour has affected the relationship not only with Rosalyn but also with her grandsons. Despite her efforts, addressing the issue with her son is futile, as he seems to turn a blind eye.

Adding to her predicament is a historical blunder – her husband, out of love or ignorance, bestowed two houses upon each of their sons but failed to secure anything in her name or write a will for her. This oversight has left her feeling ‘homeless’ at her age, she is fortunate to have some savings. Contemplating the idea of moving to an old age home, she believes it might provide a way to distance herself from the family turmoil.

Rosalyn’s daughter, acknowledges the challenge of complaining to her brother, who seems to side with his wife. The elder daughter-in-law is deemed another source of trouble. Fortunately, the daughter-in-laws’ mutual dislike for each other provides a unique dynamic. Rosalyn’s daughter, outraged by the insensitive behaviour of her brothers, places blame on her parents for giving away assets prematurely, making the life miserable for mother and she’s unwilling to mediate.


Property given to children too early, no will for the mother, and unkind children neglecting their elderly mother. Arrogant daughter-in-law and disrespectful treatment to the mother-in-law.