Phelsey Mathews

Age : 83

In recent years, elder abuse within families has increased due to factors like a growing elderly population, rising chronic diseases, and families taking on more caregiving responsibilities. In her heartbreaking story, Phelsey reveals that she has not seen her children or grandchildren in six years, emphasising the emotional toll of familial detachment and abuse. A widely shared internet video features 83-year-old Phelsey Mathews bravely telling her story. Originally from Tiruvalla, known for expatriates, Phelsey spent around 35 years in Bahrain. Despite her age, she articulately expresses distress over her children’s behaviour. Phelsey, who moved to Bahrain at 21 with her husband, shares her disappointment as her children, well-established in various places, abandoned her after her husband’s death.

Phelsey explains how her sons Joni and Joji, businessmen in Bangalore, deceived her, taking her money and forcing her into an elderly care facility. Despite warnings, she trusted Joni, who manipulated her into signing bank papers. She laments the estrangement from her only daughter and the denial of contact with her grandchildren.


Elder financial abuse occurs when someone unlawfully or inappropriately uses an older person’s money or possessions for their personal gain. This issue has become prevalent in our society.