Age : 64

The connection between siblings starts from the very beginning, lasting a lifetime. As we navigate through different life stages, especially when we create our own family with a spouse and children, managing these relationships can become tricky. This story is about a brother and sister who defied all odds, showcasing the enduring strength of their bond.

In 2007, Manjunath came to us, a man in his 60s, seeking help for his 57-year-old sister who was in a coma. Manjunath, a former mason turned small-time civil contractor, might not be rich, but he wanted the best for his sister. He brought her from a remote village to advantAGE Seniors Assisted Living, despite the high cost.

Initially, he admitted her to a top hospital in Bangalore, hoping she would recover from her coma. However, after a few months, he reached out to us for ongoing, long-term care. Manjunath’s words revealed a lot about his commitment. He said, “Sir, I am not wealthy enough for this treatment. I’m borrowing money from everywhere, but I can’t bear the thought of her dying without proper care. She has been with me since day one, and my wife and children came later.”

This story shows the deep bond between Manjunath and his sister, highlighting the lengths he is willing to go to ensure her well-being. It’s a powerful example of how a brother’s love and dedication can be a source of strength and comfort in challenging times.


Friends come and go but family is forever' might just be true in some sibling relationships. In tough times, we realise the value of having a sibling to guide us. Having such a sibling is a true blessing.