Kamala Jagannathan

Age : 84

Meet Kamala Jagannathan, an 84-year-old with both sons residing in the U.S. Her elder son became estranged after marrying a Russian girl against her wishes, maintaining a silent rift for 32 years. The relationship with her second son, Karthick, also experienced a decade-long love-hate dynamic, and it seems unlikely to shift before her passing. Despite not committing any wrongdoing, admittedly, Kamala’s stubbornness played a role in these challenging family dynamics.

She doesn’t deserve to be excluded from her son’s and grandchildren’s lives! Estranged from both daughters-in-law, she eventually dismissed her own children as useless. Being a fiercely independent personality, and with sufficient and more financial resources she decided for a ‘solo’ journey. As the wife of a former bureaucrat, she is fortunate to receive a decent family pension, which serves as a crucial support. Kamala, now dealing with some forgetfulness, resides in advantAGE dementia care home and is adjusting admirably to new routines and surroundings. Kamala’s journey through aging unfolded as a testament to grace and adaptability. Amidst the changes that time brought, she embraced them with poise, making each transition a chapter in her life story. Valuing her appearance, Kamala chose to prioritise regular beautician appointments, affirming that self-care is a timeless practice. Understanding the intricate dynamics of family life, she engaged elder care managers from advantAGE seniors as advocates, ensuring her needs were met with expertise and compassion.

Despite facing physical challenges, Kamala remained undeterred in pursuing her culinary interests, savouring the joy of dining out regularly. Proactively planning her care and finances while in good health, she demonstrated a self-reliance that avoided the need for delegation.


Empathetic caregiving facilitates patient recovery. Nurses need to exhibit sensitivity and compassion, as medication alone is insufficient for a complete recovery.