Jeremy Hereford

Age : 82

Here we reproduce a letter from the daughter of a client who lived in our assisted living sharing her experience and conveying their family’s gratitude. The letter says the initial days of caregiving was riddled with stress and after admitting to advantAGE seniors the patient got the best care.

Dear Mr. Roshan, Amidst grieving, I share our challenging journey caring for my father, battling a flawed system and inadequate support for families dealing with illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Most NGOs were of little help, but your organization, which we found in September 2007, stood out with genuine passion. For two strenuous years, my mother and I faced bias, malice, financial hardship, and poor professional help while caring for my father. Despite bad experiences with medical professionals, we persevered. A facility, SANDHYA KUTEERA, proved disappointing, and only when we discovered your assisted living facility did things improve.

Our struggle highlighted the system’s apathy, improper treatments, and the lack of oversight during transitions between hospitals and facilities. Medical insurance proved inadequate for long term care sick patients, emphasising the flaws in the system. Once we admitted to your advantAGE assisted living facility my father got the best treatment and he was happy till his end and I convey my family’s gratitude to you all. During the stay at your place, I admit there was no infections or any hospitalisation. As my father peacefully passed away, we have no regrets, and we’re profoundly thankful for your team’s support. May god bless you and your team. Ruby Henderson


Willing to invest in superior care without hesitation. Opted for an upgrade when they perceived the current care as insufficient. Express gratitude towards caregivers.