Age : 75

After spending years confined to her room due to arthritis, 75-year-old Jayalakshmi embraced a solitary life, facing loneliness and fear, as her daughters lived abroad. Dealing with the challenges of maintaining her large house alone and coping with erratic help, she decided to move to advantAGE Assisted Living Facility in Bangalore a year ago. Now, surrounded by books and daily necessities, Jayalakshmi, despite her arthritis, finds solace in various activities and appreciates the care she receives. She chose assisted living for a hassle-free life and convinced her daughters of its merits. Usually, children persuade their parents for institutional care, but in Jayalakshmi’s case, she realised the challenges of staying at home and convinced herself to choose assisted living.

She shared, “The caregivers at the facility treat me so well, giving me love and attention like a queen.” Following her knee surgery last year, she got a nurse at home, explaining, “I needed help for daily tasks as I can’t manage alone. The girl from Bengal, though she speaks broken Hindi, became a challenge due to her constant use of the mobile phone. It became a headache for me. I just want a simple, hassle-free life.” The experience of Jayalakshmi highlights the growing trend of elderly citizens in India opting for such facilities without hesitation. Moreover, family members have peace of mind knowing their loved one is being looked after and taken care of in such controlled environments. This is particularly important when seniors have physical or cognitive impairments that could make it dangerous to live on their own. Advances in technology, especially social networking, help bridge the distance for these seniors and their distant families.


Elders need to understand that assisted living facilities can offer them the same convenience and comfort with more independence and dignity. Older people should know that assisted living or skilled nursing homes are good because they give a controlled environment. If being at home is not safe anymore because of health or memory problems, or if they need help with daily tasks or medicines, these facilities can be a good choice.