Damodar Simha

Age : 74

Simha, who is 74 years old, was very sick and stayed in the hospital for more than a month. At first, he couldn’t even wake up, but later he became aware of what was happening around him. He was in critical condition and had a tough time—sometimes he felt really bad and wished for the pain to end. After leaving the hospital, he went to advantAGE Skilled Nursing home to recover.

Now, almost five months later, Simha, who used to work as a marine engineer, thinks back on how he got better. He believes that some of the nurses at advantAGE played a big role in his recovery. He could tell which nurses really cared about him, and their kindness made a huge difference. According to Simha, their compassion gave him strength and helped him heal.

While there might not be scientific proof for Simha’s feelings, his story shows that being caring and kind can make a real impact on someone’s health. It reminds us that getting better isn’t only about medicine – it’s also about the support and care we receive from others.


Empathetic caregiving facilitates patient recovery. Nurses need to exhibit sensitivity and compassion, as medication alone is insufficient for a complete recovery.