Age : 93

Recently, 93-year-old Anantharaman wears a constant smile as he sings his favorite PB Srinivas song, ‘Poojaikku Vantha Malarae Vaa.’ Having moved from an ‘old folks’ home to our skilled nursing facility, which he fondly dubs a “Punarjanma” (Second Life). Anantharaman expresses gratitude to Tirupathi Venketesa for finding a good senior living place. Subramonian, noticing his maternal uncle’s mistreatment at the old age home during regular visits, became the local contact for Anantharaman.

Subramonian, along with other family members, observed inadequate dental care, infrequent showers, prolonged use of incontinence pads, and a lapse in prescribed medications, leading to bedsores. Dissatisfied with the old age home’s conditions, they made the crucial decision to relocate him to our advantAGE nursing facility. Describing the previous ‘old age home’ as horrendous, Mr. Anantharaman’s nephew, Subramonian, emphasized the neglect, with inmates left unattended, falling over, and calling for help, amidst disgraceful meals. Opting to voice their concerns through a Google review, they later moved him to our advantAGE senior skilled nursing home, where, despite paying the same, they find superior care. Subramonian expressed, “He’s being cared for so much better. The quality is fantastic, and we’re paying the same.”


The level of care and staff-to-patient ratio in nursing homes is a major worry in long-term care facilities. Some homes lack adequate staff and may neglect hygiene standards, resulting in poor treatment of patients. It’s crucial to assess both the quality of care and the management’s attitude before deciding to admit your loved one.