Anand Naidu

Age : 86

Anand Naidu, a 72-year-old architect who spent 35 years in Tampa, FL, decided to move back to India after his wife passed away. His son Mohit supported the decision because they had relatives in the city. Anand was determined to bring his fluffy companion, Blu, from America. They happily lived in an upmarket house in Indiranagar. Blu became more than just a pet; he became the hero of Anand’s new chapter in life.

Anand uncle fondly recalls how Blu became a part of his “family.” “In January 2006, my wife Anne passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm during a dinner with friends. We were supposed to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in February. Just like that, she was gone. Our lives, centered around each other and I decided not to have active role in our architecture firm, and instead in have handed over the keys to my juniors with a sharing agreement. Losing my spouse was devastating, especially at the age of 73. Grief consumed my thoughts, and the idea of life without her seemed daunting. My junior business partner, Joshua, insisted I take Blu. At first, I hesitated, but Mohit also encouraged me. Joshua brought the one year old puppy, full of energy and ready to play. We named him Blu.”

Anand uncle continued with tears, ‘Second tragedy in my life is the loss of Blu. Another earth shattering experience with a much higher magnitude. It took several months for me to recover. Blu, lived a happy 13 years and not a dull moment between us. That is when I decided no more pets and I am too old and infirm to manage. When I thought of moving into a care home my first priority was to find a pet friendly place where there is a therapy dog. I shortlisted advantAGE care home, just because you have therapy dogs here to soothe the ‘strained and bruised souls’.


The connection between older adults and their pets can boost fitness, reduce stress, and bring joy to their lives. Spending time with pets helps prevent loneliness and provides more chances for socialising.