Ammukutty Jacob

Age : 82

My mom, Ammukutty, is 82 and loves taking care of birds. She has geese, guinea fowl, hens, turkeys, ducks, parrots, and love birds on her small farm. Talking to her is like entering a world of excitement about her feathered friends. She enjoys sharing eggs with friends and family. Even though some worried about the work, she says, “I’m just relaxing and doing something I enjoy. It keeps me busy.” Besides having fun, she’s also become a bird expert. She knows everything from taking care of them to what they eat and how to treat them if they get sick. Her lesson is that hobbies are like lifelong treasures, no matter how old you are.

Her hobby isn’t just for herself; it’s a way to connect with others. Recently, some college girls visited her to learn about birds, and a few even wanted to help her. Her little farm has become a cool place where people of different ages meet and share their love for birds. Doing hobbies with others doesn’t just make it more fun; it also makes new friends and brings everyone closer.


Wholeheartedly pursuing a hobby brings immense joy, boosting both mood and cognitive skills, especially as you get older. Hobbies also provide a chance to connect with like-minded people, expanding your circle of friends.