Alice Joseph

Age : 77

Ms. Shamitha’s mother, Alice, is 77 years old and has late-stage Parkinson’s disease. She needs constant care because the disease makes her prone to falls, her hands shake, and breathing is hard. Last year, she fell four times while maids were supposed to take care of her, and it caused bruises and stitches. She uses a wheelchair outside but walks inside with a walking stick.

Ms. Shamitha knows her mother’s disease will get worse, but she hasn’t looked for other solutions yet. She hires untrained maids because it’s affordable and convenient, even though she thinks a professional caregiver would be better. The problem is, professionals can’t do other household chores like cooking and cleaning, and Ms. Shamitha would have to pay for additional services. Experts like us suggest getting professional help when maids can’t provide proper care, especially if the elderly person’s health is getting worse, or if family members don’t have time to supervise. It’s an important step to ensure the well-being of aging loved ones.


Household staff should not serve as caregivers. Untrained caregivers pose a risk to the patient’s well-being. Select caregivers with the necessary expertise and experience for optimal care.