Aisha Sait

Age : 77

Despite raising four children, Aisha Sait finds herself in an unfortunate situation as she battles Alzheimer’s at the age of 77. Once a pillar supporting her successful businessman husband, she now faces neglect from her offspring. Believing in education, the couple ensured their four daughters received a convent education, a challenging task for Mrs. Sait. Now bedridden and widowed, she relies on her daughters, but their reluctance to directly involve themselves reflects the enormity of the caregiving task. Mrs. Sait’s deteriorating health presents difficulties, with feeding issues, involuntary eliminations, and failing faculties. Unfortunately, her children provide various reasons to evade responsibility, from recent surgeries to small homes or impending weddings. The crucial element of unconditional compassion in Alzheimer’s care seems lacking.

Eventually, the family decides to place Mrs. Sait in an old age home. The youngest daughter, an architect, faces challenges finding a suitable facility, with many rejecting bedridden or Alzheimer’s patients. Despite constitutional secularism, religious barriers hinder admission to some care facilities. Fortunately, before a solution is found, fate intervenes, and Mrs. Sait passes away, escaping the complexities of finding appropriate care.


None of the children willing to extend care. Religion becomes a barrier for admission to few care facilities. Got inferior care at the fag end of life.