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Testimonial 1

Dear Mr. Jacob and Ms. Soumya Lakshmi

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for meeting with me and Aparna recently. I want to place on record you valuable service in assisting Kevin Nixon during his days at your center. You and your staff certainly went above and beyond the call of duty in providing life support and comfort to Mr. Nixon.

Please accept my thanks for the excellent service you extended to Mr. Nixon. I wish you good luck in your future plans in expanding your services.


Leon Gendin (U.S. Consul)
Chief of American Citizen Service.

Testimonial 2

When my 98 year old grandfather was starting to not be able to manage himself at home though we had full time care giver, I started looking for a care facility that could look after him. I was flexible with cost but needed a place that will ensure my grandfather is taken good care of. I went through internet and collected about 40 plus facility addresses and did visit about 10 of them but was deeply disappointed as they were not to the standards of hygiene and care I needed. The focus of these facilities was to provide care for people who cannot afford it and they were doing the best they could with in the limited means and were depending on donations etc.

I needed a place that operated commercially with ability to offer better care and hygiene. Finally I visited Advantage seniors Foundation. Roshan and Soumya who run this place made me feel very comfortable. End of my first visit, I was impressed and felt that they knew about caring for terminally ill patients. Though I continued to be skeptical about this decision, I finally moved my grandfather to Advantage Seniors Foundation on June 21 st 2011.

After few weeks I was certain that I found the correct place and was confident my grandfather is assured of the care he deserves. Almost a year passed by like a breeze and every time I visited my grandfather, I thanked god for having introduced me to this care facility. Around March 2012, my grand dad was 99 and was getting very ill and he finally passed away on April 20th 2012. Though it was late in the night, both Roshan and Soumya stood by me to ensure his body is appropriately packed and stored till funeral next morning.

They walked me to my car and left the hospital after me. Let me tell you, everyone at this care facility are wonderful people with utmost sense of humanity, responsibility and professionalism. They were there through my granddad’s care and death with the same sense of commitment they promised the day I went to visit them. I strongly recommend this care facility for your near and dear who needs terminal care.

Srinivasa Reddy
Finance Head, Schneider Electric

Testimonial 3

Wow. The home had a warm and welcoming feeling. It gave me peace knowing people really cared here

Vasanth Kumar

Testimonial 4

Great location, service and a friendly staff! Would love to recommend to friends and family

Sulochana Parthasarathy

Testimonial 5

Compliments to Roshan Jacob and Soumya Lakshmi for the excellent service and care they are giving to the elderly community. Well trained care givers and excellent service!

Vanitha USA

Testimonial 6

"Advantage Geriatric Care Facility is well maintained, clean, ventilated and above all located in a very good and accessible residential area. My mother is a patient of dementia, cerebral ataxia and incontinence and needs constant care for her basic needs and the caregivers at Advantage do a good job at it. My mother has been there for 2 years now. The visiting hours are very convenient and (occasional) special requests to extend or alter the timings are accommodated. I can trust the staff at Advantage to handle any emergency medical situations when I'm out of station traveling, on business or personal work."

Subramanian Kris
Country Head - NuWare Systems

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