Guidance for senior care

As Indians live longer, many develop chronic health conditions that require complex care. Caring for older adults with chronic conditions and complex health needs is becoming increasingly challenging. Contact Advantage Seniors which is well established in elder care services in bangalore.

Continuing Competency for Nurses - CCN

Caring the whole person when they needed most

As Indians live longer, many develop chronic health conditions that require complex care. Caring for older adults with chronic conditions and complex health needs is becoming increasingly challenging. A number of solutions have been developed to address this problem, but none is as personal and comprehensive as guided nursing as the nurse here works in partnership with a team of doctors to provide coordinated, patient –centred care to chronically ill patients.

Guided Care is a new interdisciplinary health care model designed to improve the quality of life and efficiency of resource use for medically complex older adults. The Guided Care Nurse (GCN) performs an assessment, develops an evidence-based plan of care, monitors and coaches the patient in self-management, coordinates the patient’s transitions, educates and supports family caregivers, and facilitates access to community resources.Guided care approach incorporates efficiency and cost-effectiveness to enhance the patient care at the same time responds to the special needs of patients with either chronic illness or co-morbidities. In short, the guided care nurses assesses, plans, monitors, educates, coordinates, empowers, and works with the community agencies to ensure that the patient’s goals for health care are met.

Established in 2001, with a strong commitment to community based resources and education, advantAGE seniors quickly became known as a professional and reliable long term care service provider where all clients are made to feel like a family. Coming to elder care we proudlyclaim that we set the standards in Bangalore and elsewhere.As part of our strategy to give impetus to the social gerontology education in India, we undertake Continuing Competency for Nurses (CCN) and is a five part series. Our CCN series is similar to that of Guided Care Nursing.

In this regard, we are supported and guided by our team of experts from USA, Ms. Judith Parnes (Elderlife Management, NJ), Ms. Amy Cotton (National Gerontology Nurses Association, Maine) and Dr.Ibby Tanner (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore). Developed by Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Guided Care represents a new kind of health care delivery model that represents our deep interest in discovering new ways to bring higher quality primary care to older adults in a more cost effective way.

From our past experience our inference is that guided care nursing have many benefits. It improves the quality of patient’s care, Reduces the use and cost of expensive services, Lessens family caregiver strain, and finally Improves physicians’ satisfaction with chronic care. By listening to these series of lectures that involve these useful topics, you will be well prepared to care thechronically ill patient, and more specifically providing quality health care services to the aging population and their families.KEEP LEARNING…..

Retirement Readiness Programme - RRP

In view of the ageing population, retirement planning becomes increasingly important nowadays, especially in our country where social “welfarism” is uncommon. In view of the graying population and declining birth rates, seniors are forced to increasingly dependent on themselves for survival after retirement. Many people will have to look after their very old parents despite their own retirement needs. Thus, early planning is essential for a secure retirement.

It is common that many people feel frightened and insecure when approaching retirement. Instead accept and understand retirement for what it really represents. We see retirement as an ongoing process of exploration and change into a phase of “new beginnings” for the next 30 days years or so. Retirement is an opportunity to plan and set goals for the rest and best years of your life. Who would want to withdraw and retreat when starting a new period of life that may last for another 30 or more years?

advantAGE seniors undertake a pre-retirement consultation with our clients in the months leading up to retirement. If you are approaching retirement, you should seriously consider attending our retirement counseling. We would like to pierce through the misconceptions about this phase of life and reminded people that retirement is not an end, but rather a new beginning - an opportunity for growth, creativity and the discovery of one’s authentic self. If you ever plan on “retiring”, make sure you retire on purpose.

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