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As Indians live longer, many develop chronic health conditions that require complex care. Caring for older adults with chronic conditions and complex health needs is becoming increasingly challenging. Advantage Seniors is well known for elder care services in bangalore.

advantAGE Global Partner Program

The world is so expansive, and we are so distanced from other parts of the earth, that another continent can sometimes feel like another planet. Everything in this planet differ from place to place, country to country and continent to continent, in short, there’s difference in ideologies, religions, cultures, customs, and languages. Different foods, faces, and climates.

No matter where we are, despite the distance and the differing ways we live, there is one need that is constant in all parts of the world – the need for quality elder care. That’s why advantAGE seniors is trying to cobble up collaborations worldwide with the leaders in the aged care across the globe in order to promote ageing studies and development in the long term care. The program is called Global Partners in Care (GPC).

Global Partners in Care operates with the mission to create worldwide partnerships that enhance global compassionate care, and improve access to hospice and palliative care for all nations. This program enables us to support similar organizations in enhancing their knowledge base in aged care. The goal is for partners to engage in capacity-building, strategic planning, education, fundraising, and technical assistance to improve services for those in need.

Like minded long term care providers across the world are invited to join hands with us in our global partners in care program. Let’s make the world a better place for elders to approach the fag end of their life with dignity, care and hope.

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